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I fell in love with this dress, too! I love the pockets, the slickness, the material, the sheer shoulders. Everything! I want this dress. If it ever becomes available, how will I know?

Yeah me too. Where can I buy a dress like this?

I'm with everyone else here -- let me know if you find any reproductions or similar designs to this!

This dress is a perfect piece of art!

OK! Now I am inspired and will play with this...Nathalie version of this dress coming soon! To be continued...

I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it in the film. Someone needs to recreate it immediately so I can buy it!!

Would love to get a dress like this. I might have to try to create a similar version as well! Does anyone think this style might hit the stores next spring?

I am thinking of creating my own version of this dress...if I do, I'll post it! Cheers! NS

Where can I get a dress like this? I can't stop thinking about it ever since I saw the movie!

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