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That sounds like a great suggestion...and makes sense to focus on the fillings for flavoring. I will search for powdered lemon and try this again-- Thanks!

I've been on a macaron crazy lately and have had one bad batch similar to your Lemon. Mine was strawberry... the acid in the fruit completely changed the consistency of the meringue which led to them completely flopping. I recently found some freeze dried mango fruit at TJ's that I powdered using a sifter (sive? whatever it's spelt) but you can powder them using your own method. They turned out great. However, I've discovered that flavoring the filling works out better than flavoring the macaron itself. Powders work well with the macaron batter, if you want to cookie to have a bit of flavor.

Are you a beginner -- or an expert? Any new tips are appreciated!
Would love to hear about how you bake your macarons! NS

Just love Laduree! You also have some good tips here for a beginner.


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